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white august tea my happy place

April 13, 2010

WhiteAugust Tea offers some amazing and unique tea blends. I have found, that many tea companies carry the same blends, probably from the same wholesaler. That’s fine. But it really is nice to see some original flavors. So, My Happy Place is a tisane, a dreamy herbal blend containing chamomile and banana. Seems a perfect fit for a night like this, a sweet sleepy-time cuppa to relax my mind and body before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Aromas of toffee, caramel and creamy banana waft from the package. It smells like dessert. It smells like banana-nut muffins. Caramelized sugar and shortbread cookies, a little graham cracker, and the chamomile blends with these aromas seamlessly.

The infusion is a warm yellow-orange color. The fragrance is initially chamomile, then I smell unripened banana and a bit of citrus. It’s very pleasant, very soothing. The blend is aptly named, as I think I’m getting there.

On the palate, it feels and tastes reminiscent of warm apple juice to me. It doesn’t taste overtly apple-y, but there is something about the body and parts of the flavor profile that initially reminded me of warm apple cider. The chamomile is the primary flavor, but the flavor of bananas, vanilla and caramel are lingering in the background. There is no astringency, and it’s slightly naturally sweet and smooth-drinking.

I am generally not much of a herbal-tea drinker. For no particular reason other than they don’t seem to interest me as much as true tea does. But I am surprised how I have been enjoying a lot of these blends. When I reviewed Mama Tea’s blends, I found I surprisingly loved every single one of them, especially “New Mama”. Regardless of herbal teas not being “true teas”, I think that these blends absolutely have their place in the tea world. The numerous and varied health benefits and lack of caffeine aside, herbal teas are delicious. My Happy Place proves this point very well.

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