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DAVIDsTEA quangzhou milk oolong

April 8, 2010

I love DAVIDsTEA, it’s like the “kid in a candy store” feeling for me when I go there. When I was on my Christmas vacation, I spent some time in Toronto with my girlfriend Racheal. We were on Queen Street, and shopping for my family. I saw DAVIDsTEA and knew it would be the perfect place to find a gift for my sister Erica and my Mom, Donna. They are both foodies and tea fans just like me. At the time, I was kinda new to tea, but I walked in that store and something just clicked. I loved it, the design, the aromas, the whole aesthetic appealed to me. Now I am a tea fanatic. Literally.

So, I went to the new store in West Edmonton Mall on Monday and picked up the Quangzhou Milk Oolong (and the Tuo-Cha Bonbons I reviewed recently). I have previously only tried one Milk Oolong before this, the one from iN-TEA which I reviewed here.

Quangzhou Milk Oolong, in it’s dry form, smells sweet, floral and buttery. It’s really interesting. It reminds me a little of popcorn seasoning with a salty, buttery aroma. There is a delicate, creamy fragrance that is inviting and kind of entrancing. When you smell this tea, you have to have it. Like, now.

The liquor is  a light golden yellow and has aromas of orchid and jasmine off the top. Initially it smells quite like Ti Guan Yin or other, similar Oolongs. Then a sweet milky fragrance hits my nose with a bit of exotic spiciness. So intriguing.

I take the first sip and I am enveloped by a plethora of flavors. Creamy butter and lingering floral notes, with a sweet finish and a tinge of vegetal flavor. I am also finding the tea somewhat reminiscent of the Silver Needle teas I have tasted recently, delicate white tea notes with a hint of stonefruit. It has good body and a full, slighly oily texture and mouth-feel.

Quangzhou Milk Oolong is an incredible Oolong with many layers. I would recommend this tea to any Oolong fan, and even those just getting into tea. It’s a great introduction to the complexity and versatility of tea. It is now one of my absolute favorites.


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