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enjoying tea zhejiang silver needle

April 2, 2010 is a leading online tea retailer with an abundance of specialty tea in all categories. From everyday green tea to luxury tea like Monkey Picked Ti Guan Yin, has all the bases covered. And they have some amazing teaware like Yixing teapots and Gongfu sets! I love the fact that they have embraced a variety of tea cultures, from the traditional British tea ceremony to the ancient Chinese Gongfu style.

The dry leaf is beautiful. Large, uniform, downy full leaves with silvery fuzz. The aroma is light and quite unpronounced, but typical of Silver Needle.

The tea liquor is very light. It displays a clear, pale brownish/yellow  color. The aroma is delicate and slightly floral with a touch of herbaceousness. There is a wheaty, hay-like fragrance that is fairly prominent, as well as a very light “tea” smell. Like the aroma of a black tea, but very, very faint. It’s very pleasant.

Flavor-wise, the tastes are subtle and slightly sweet with a nice finish. The tea is light-bodied and has a peach-like characteristic along with some vegetal flavors. I taste a little bit of butter, a little yeast, a bit of fresh baked bread. I felt like I really had to concentrate to focus on the flavor profiles of this tea, but in a meditative way.

The complexity of white teas is often overlooked because of their subtlety, but if attention is paid, there are amazing things to be found in a cup of white tea. The aromas and flavors are light, but there are many layers if you allow yourself to discover them. The Zhejiang Silver Needle is proof of this.

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