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white august tea rogue wave

April 1, 2010

White August Tea is an online tea company with some very unique blends. A few weeks ago, I reviewed their black tea blend Constellation. I found it to be a very interesting and well composed blend, with Assam as its star and the flavorings an accent. It was rich and caramel-like with good body and subtle sweetness. Rogue Wave is a blend of Sencha, ginger and toasted coconut. An interesting and unique-sounding blend to say the least.

The dry leaf’s appearance is of green tea with bright green and red specks scattered throughout. It’s very pleasing to the eye. The leaf smells sweet and nutty, with a hint of spice. It seems a strange fragrance for a green tea, and in fact, I can’t smell the green tea at all! Hopefully the flavor of the Sencha will come out in the brewed tea, and blend well with the flavorings. The website touts this tea as a “one of a kind experience”. I bet it will be.

The tea liquor is a bright, bright yellow and smells of warm spices, vanilla, lemon and coconut. There is a citrusy component and the fragrance of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. And candied ginger. I can’t detect the green tea on the nose at all, but it smells very pleasant and sweet. Pleasant in a “I can’t wait to take a sip” kinda way. This is an amazing smelling tea.

The body and mouth-feel is Sencha-like, there is no mistaking that. There is a lemony flavor, which gives way to a prominent ginger flavor profile. There is no sweetness, but the tropical, coconut-ty flavor is more than enough to satisfy. This is not a fruit-forward tea, it is spice-forward. I love how the toasted coconut, the spicy kick of the ginger and the comforting essence of green tea mingle together so well, and so unexpectedly. Also, Rogue Wave would make a great, interesting iced tea, with or without sweetener.

I love my green teas straight up, with all the vegetal and oceanic flavor profiles. But this is good. It’s a guilty pleasure tea. Like, maybe you eat granola every day, but every once and a while you just want (need) a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. This is a tea for beginners who haven’t quite developed a taste for green tea, AND for unpretentious tea aficionados who are suddenly in the mood for something fun and extreme and maybe a little weird.

And (again) it smells AMAZING!

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