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iN-TEA formosa oolong

April 1, 2010

iN-TEA is a great tea lounge and online tea retailer based in Littleton, CO and owned by Carole Alvarez. Carole knows her tea, and she sent me some amazing Oolongs to try out. I’ve already tasted iN-TEA‘s Milk Oolong and their Wen Shan Bao Zhong, and was very impressed with both of them (in fact, they are two of my favorite teas right now). So, I can hardly wait to venture into another Oolong.

Formosa Oolong are Oolong-style teas from Taiwan. The dry leaf of this tea is a mix of coppery brown, red and dark green and rolled into a long twisty shape (unlike the balled leaf shape of Ti Kuan Yin). The leaf smells sweet and earthy with a woodsy undertone and a subtle fruity note.

The tea liquor is a dark, bronzy color, and aromas of peach, apricot and grape intertwine with a malty, nutty fragrance and a light floral note.

On the palate, there is stone-fruit, citrus and a spicy characteristic. It is a rich cuppa with a little pleasant astringency on the finish, but no bitterness at all. It is very smooth. There is a slight sweetness to the liquor and a roasty quality to the finish, which harmonizes with a deep honey flavor.

This Formosa Oolong is oxidized a little more toward the black tea end of the spectrum (more than, say, TKY). It has both the complex fruity, nutty and  floral character of some Oolongs and some of the body and richness of a black tea. It’s a nice middle ground. And a gorgeous tea.

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