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enjoying tea ginseng oolong

March 11, 2010 is a leading online tea company with a terrific selection. This Oolong is something of an oddball, in that its appearance is striking, where you find yourself asking “Is this tea?”. It is also unusual in that it is rolled in powdered ginseng to give it a unique flavor profile and added health benefits. Ginseng, in addition to its high antioxidant content and anticarcinogenic properties is said to be an “adaptogen”, which raises the body’s resistance to stress.

The dry leaf is interesting, unlike any other tea that I have tried so far. It consists of hard pellets of Oolong tea thoroughly coated in ginseng powder. It smells sweet and creamy, with a pollen-like note which I assume comes from the powdery ginseng.

The tea displays a rusty yellow cup color and bears aromas of licorice and roasted barley along with a strong and pleasant nuttiness.

Wow, what an interesting flavor. Nutty and floral at once, with a lingering sweetness and a super long finish. The ginseng seems to stay on your tongue and the sweetness is more and more apparent several seconds, even a minute after swallowing the tea. There are a lot of flavor components here. Floral, vegetal, a bit of minerality,a tinge of sweet cream, and a popcorn-y essence. The butter, cream and orchid notes so commonly found in many Oolongs are present, but the ginseng brings a layer of flavor that is unexpected, yet complimentary.

This was a fun tea to explore. I am LOVING Oolongs. I just can’t seem to get enough!

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