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cha cha tea golden yunnan organic

March 9, 2010

It’s good to be back. I have been really preoccupied with work and other affairs the last few weeks, so taking a time-out for tea feels right. Oh, and what a tea. Cha Cha Tea is a fantastic company, and this organic black tea from Yunnan’s ancient tea trees is just what I need to wind down and relax for the night. I was tempted by Cha Cha Tea’s description of this Yunnan: “[a] deeply flavored infusion [with] notes of peppery spice, chocolate, sweet raisin and a malty finish”. Sounds great, let’s see if it’s as delicious as it is claimed to be.

The scent from the dry leaf is typical black tea, earthy, a little spicy, slightly sweet. The leaves are uniformly graded, which suggests a high quality.

The infusion smells sweet and rich. It has an almost coffee essence, in that it is dark and robust. The fragrances of honeysuckle and coffee collide with juicy raisins and a slightly wheaty aroma.

Initially, the taste seems like the average black tea: tasty, full-bodied,  but nothing special. But from the mid-palate to the finish, it becomes complex and compelling. This is one of those teas that exposes layer after layer of interesting flavors. I like the notes of cocoa, deeply caramelized (burnt?) sugar, ripe stone-fruit and the lingering finish that echoes with amber honey overtones and malty undertones.

Really, really good.

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