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enjoying tea dragonwell green

February 15, 2010

Enjoying Tea is a leading online retailer of tea and accessories which was established in San Fransisco in 2002. They have an extensive and impressive selection of interesting and high quality teas, and I was ecstatic when I received a package from them them yesterday. One of the teas they were so generous to send me was their Dragonwell, which I have been meaning to try for a long time. It is actually on my “teas to try” list. So, here I am, trying this famous Chinese green tea for the first time.

The dry leaf is large and broad, rolled flat and looking like they have been pressed while drying. The aroma from the dry leaf is subtle, vegetal and earthy with a bit of a dry-roasted component.

The cup is a light yellow infusion. The aroma is reminiscent of steamed greens and edamame, and it has the typical and very much desired soothing, brothy component that make green teas so appealing.

The tea is quite delicate in taste, but complex nonetheless. I love the silky texture of this tea, I feel like it is a green tea I could easily drink everyday. There is a hint of nuttiness, like blanched almonds or soy nuts. I taste steamed green beans with a little butter, a bit of pleasant brininess, and a hint of minerality.

For whatever reason, everytime I drink green tea I seem to get an insta-craving for spicy noodle dishes like pad-thai. That is happening right now. It will take everything in me not to order take-out tonight. This tea is delicious. Exceedingly sip-able. Gulp-able even. What’s the number for that Thai place down the street….?

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