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white august tea constellation

February 7, 2010

White August Tea is an online tea company whose mission is to “share a premium tea drinking experience with (their) customers”. One of the samples I received from them recently is their trademark Constellation black tea, a blend of Assam, vanilla bean and hand-tied tea flowers. This is one of over 110 different teas they offer online. Constellation is an interesting looking tea, with little white tea bundles scattered throughout the blend.

The dry leaf offers up dark chocolate and coffee initially, with pretty whiffs of vanilla and caramel. From the Assam, notes of earth, and a subtle spicy component give backbone to the sweet aroma of the flavorings. A fragrance that reminds me a lot of Mexican hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon is unexpected, but welcome.

Wow. The brewed tea smells exactly like Werther’s Original candies. Smooth, creamy, butterscotch toffee. The aroma of this tea is very sweet and candy-like with notes of creme brulee, vanilla fudge, cookie dough and rum flavored caramels. I sense a subtle chocolate aroma again.

It reminds me of those Cadbury’s Rum & Butter candy bars from back in the day. They were my favorite!

The Assam gives the tea its rich and flavorful base, with nice, deep earthy notes. The vanilla bean notes are coming through, and a  deep toffee characteristic lends sweetness and a bit of a caramelized effect.  The tea has great body and a light coffee flavor and mouth-feel. There is some natural sweetness, reminiscent of honey. The finish is medium length with the tiniest hint of astringency/tannin at the very end. Very smooth. A great blended tea with a base that holds its own instead of competing with its flavorings.


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