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mighty leaf tea green tea tropical

February 2, 2010

Tropical fruit and green tea seem like a perfect match but there are few blends that really excel at this composition. I want to taste the tea in my tea. I like a fruity accent, but I really want the tea to shine through. That’s what brings me back to a flavored tea, when the tea is the rockstar and the added flavors are just back-up singers with an important, but supporting, role in the blend.

This blend from Mighty Leaf Tea contains green tea, flower petals, pineapple bits and added natural tropical fruit flavors. It looks and smells promising, so here’s to hoping it delivers. The dry leaf smells like a green tea and pineapple mash-up, super-sweet like hard pineapple flavored candy with faint whiffs of green tea.

This tea brews a light orange-yellow cup and it smells delicious, like a rich, ripe, fresh cut tropical fruit salad. There is also a subtle floral aroma and a grassy, vegetal undertone. The taste is very pleasant, and it does taste like green tea, but mildly so. The fruit is very prominent. The strongest green tea flavor is on the finish. The fruit flavor is fresh and clean and sweet. A great option for an iced tea.

I am impressed with this blend, and although I would appreciate more in the way of the green tea flavor, I still think this is a great cup of tea. Great for a convenient tea fix when your taste buds crave  a fruity blend with a green tea kick.

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