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twinings gunpowder green tea

January 24, 2010

Oh these little twisted, curly leaves intrigue me. I don’t know if you have ever seen fiddleheads, but gunpowder green tea reminds me of those. Fiddleheads are the young leaves that curl and twirl around the stem before it unfurls into a fern. I bought this tea today at my local Safeway. I was curious to see the selection of “supermarket  tea”, and I was impressed to find a few loose teas there, as well as several brands that have full-leaf tea bags.

This tea was about $8 for the 100g tin. The fragrance of the tea in its dry form is slightly oceanic, a bit peppery and vegetal. The tea looks and smells very fresh. So far I am impressed by this supermarket find.

I steeped the tea for only about 2 minutes, the color of the tea liquor is a little darker than I expected from green tea, it is amazing how much the tea expands! The little pellets are misleading! The aroma is delicate and light, clean. Like a lot of green teas, it smells  like a light broth, not unlike an amazing udon noodle soup.  On the palate, the tea is soothing, warming, quite vegetal but in a subtle and pleasant way. It is slightly roasty, with a little peppery kick on the finish. It has really great body and is a satisfying brew.

I am surprised that I found such a tea in the supermarket. I know Twinings is a common and hugely popular tea company, but I really had no idea that their loose leaf teas would be so easily found. Of course, I prefer going to a specialty store to purchase my tea, but I take this as a sign of better quality teas becoming more readily available to all of us every single day. I like that.

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  1. January 29, 2010 7:42 am

    That is my fave tea…I drink it every morning .Love it!!!

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