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the metropolitan tea company lover’s leap estate ceylon

January 21, 2010

The Metropolitan Tea Company recently sent me a package and I am excited to try another one of their teas. They also sent me their catalog, and I just have to say they have an amazing selection. From rare and hard to find teas to a huge selection of organic and fair trade teas. I have never tried a loose leaf Ceylon tea before, so I chose this one to sip on tonight. This tea comes from the renowned Sri Lankan estate Lover’s Leap. It is made of pure Orange Pekoe (a size grade, not a variety).

The dry product smells woody, a little spicy, semi-sweet and very tea-like. I am even sensing a little cocoa scent. The leaves are a dark green-black and rolled very tightly.

The color of the brewed tea is a light golden brown, slightly brassy. The aroma is delicate, smelling floral and sweet, with a bit of a roasty, maybe nutty, quality. The tea is full-flavored with slight notes of honeysuckle and hints of lemon. It is a smooth drinking, though not overly complex or complicated, cup. It’s a great everyday traditional black tea.

I seem to come across Ceylon tea mostly as a component to so many blends that use it as its base. I can see why, it’s a straight-up black tea. It lets other flavors shine through, but can hold its own, as proven here.

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