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the metropolitan tea company blueberry black tea

January 19, 2010

I have been lacking a little bit in the review department. The reason for this is that I am working on getting video on the site. Let me say this: I am such an amateur. The videos will get better soon, I promise, so please bear with me. For now, though, I am brewing another one of ‘The Metropolitan Tea Company’s teas. This one is a blueberry flavored black tea. The composition of this one is made up of high quality Ceylon tea leaves and natural blueberry flavor.

This tea, before brewing, smells sweet and very blueberry-like, with a little floral character and some earthiness. The appearance is typical black tea with blue and yellow petals.

The tea liquor is a coppery amber. The fragrance of the blueberries wafts up immediately, but subtly. It kind of smells like the blueberry tea cocktail, the one with Amaretto, Grand Marnier and tea. There is a light honey aroma, and the smell of freshly brewed black tea, with a little toastiness.

Initially, the taste is all black tea, which is interesting, because the fragrance suggested that there would be a more prominent blueberry presence. But the blueberry lingers in the finish. It’s really lovely. And there is quite a bit of natural sweetness in this brew. No need for any sweetener at all, and this would make an amazing iced tea.

This tea won an award a few years ago from the Fine Beverage and Food Festival, and I can see why. This is premium Ceylon black tea, with all its nuances, accented with sweet blueberry notes. Very nice!

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