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metropolitan tea company monk’s blend

January 17, 2010

I received this tea from The Metropolitan Tea Company this week, in a package of several samples of their great tea. The blend contains Ceylon tea with natural vanilla and grenadine oils to add flavor and character to the black tea. It also contains calendula and sunflower petals. Story goes that Tibetan monks invented this blend, to keep them alert and ready for their daily toils, and as a stimulant for long periods of meditation and reflection.

The dry leaves are nice, tight little rolled up dark leaves with pretty bits of yellow petals. They smell of vanilla bean infused sugar, and a little, I mean a little, light citrus perfume. It sort of reminds me of Earl Grey in its composition, a great black tea with natural oils added for flavor and embellishment. This is very promising.

The infusion is a reddish-coppery, color. The fragrance is intoxicating. A little robust coffee, notes of vanilla, sweet and hints of floral character. Molasses aroma. Right away, I seem to taste a light, very delicious, but subtle creamy cherry flavor. Toasty, roasty, a little nutty. This is an amazing, full flavored, medium bodied black tea. I like every characteristic, every layer of flavor, the lingering finish, the chocolaty undertone…

Tea drinker’s will love this, and coffee fanatics might also fancy this one. It’s rich, robust, highly flavorful. It is spectacular. One of my new favorites. Thank you Metropolitan Tea Company for introducing me to this traditional tea. It is very, very good.

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