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metropolitan tea company kyoto sencha cherry rose

January 17, 2010

Another one of The Metropolitan Tea Company’s tea blends. This one sounds a little strange, but intriguing. It is a blend made from Japanese Sencha, rose petals and cherry bits. The last green tea blend I reviewed, although good, was more fruit and herbs than green tea. Since this blend contains Sencha, I am looking forward to a stronger tea presence here.

The perfume of the dry tea is amazingly cherry. Like those gummy “Cherry Blaster’s”, or cherry-flavored soda. The green tea is present as well, a little grassy, a little floral from the rose. All around nice smelling tea. High hopes…

I brewed the tea. The color of the tea liquor is a bright, bright yellow with a tinge of green. The aroma is bubble-gummy. If Bubblicious made a green tea flavored gum, it would smell like this. As odd as it was, I couldn’t wait to taste it.

So I tasted it. It is very pleasant, but the cherry tastes a little artificial, though there are only natural flavors present. And I can taste the green tea! It is subtle, but it is there. It has a nice light body, with the slightest bit of starchy quality. This would be an amazing introduction to green tea for someone just getting into tea. If you aren’t sure about the earthy, spinach-y flavor of green teas; this is your starter green tea. It would also be great if anyone, green tea rookie or not, was in the mood for a bright, uplifting flavor any time of day.

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