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booster juice matcha monsoon

January 12, 2010

Booster Juice is the largest smoothie chain in Canada offering premium juices and smoothies of various varieties. I have long been a fan of the Brazillian Thunder, a concoction of acai berries, raspberries, strawberries, banana and sorbet. Today, though, I thought I’d try the heralded Matcha Monsoon, made with real matcha powder, vanilla soymilk, vanilla frozen yogurt and blended with ice.

The smoothie comes out a bright light-green color, looking much like a green tea milkshake might look. It smells fresh and the aroma of the vanilla is very appetizing, there are notes of grass, and a strong green tea aroma also coming through.

I take a sip. I can’t lie, I think it is delicious. The cold, lightly sweetened blend goes down really easily. It is creamy, but not too rich or heavy. Just creamy enough to make it feel substantial. I detect the smooth, nutty flavor of the soymilk, and it is a great foil for the matcha. There is somewhat of a chalky texture, I am not sure if I can attribute that to the powdery matcha or the Energy booster(ginseng and bee pollen) that I opted for, which is in powder form. But the texture is not overwhelming or unpleasant. There is not much of a “tea” flavor, the matcha brings more of a subtly grassy, vegetal flavor to the blend. I am quite enjoying this. I think I found my new favorite Booster Juice.

The Matcha Monsoon is cold and refreshing, great for a hot day (which today is not), or just when you need a quick energy boost. The drink is quite energizing. With matcha, one consumes the whole leaf, so the caffeine content is much higher than steeped tea. I don’t think this is the healthiest way to get your matcha, by no means. But it is a healthy guilty pleasure. At nearly $7  though, it is a once in a while indulgence.

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