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the metropolitan tea company angel falls mist herbal tisane

January 9, 2010

The Metropolitan Tea Company is a tea importer based out of Toronto. The majority of their business is wholesale, but they do market their own brand of teas, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of their blends today. Angel Falls Mist Herbal Tisane is a caffeine free fruit infusion. It contains an an appealing array of fruits and herbs, like dried apple, hibiscus petals, rosehip pieces, strawberry peices, dried orange and calendula petals.

The tea is really beautiful to look at, like a lovely, vibrant potpourri, and imparts an intensely fruity aroma. The quality of the ingredients is very apparent from the fresh look and fragrance of this tea. First impression is a good one.

The tisane brews a brilliant deep fuchsia. Very tempting. The aroma of the brewed tea is bright and citrusy with sweet, ripe berry notes in the background. A light, floral characteristic is presenting itself, subtly, but beautifully.

So, finally, the first sip. Deep lemon and orange flavors dominate, a pleasant, subtle bitterness from the citrus peel is coming through on the palate, which I quite enjoy and I find lends complexity to the flavor. I can definitely detect the apple and strawberry, both fruit essences round out the flavor and soften the citrus. The floral notes, from the rosehips and calendula petals, are soft and sweet.

The package suggest Angel Falls Mist would be a great starter tea for children and I agree. It also has a more grown-up fruit flavor that adults will really appreciate too. This tea tastes amazing with honey, and would make a fantastic iced tea. This is one of the best fruit infusions I have tasted, and of impressively high quality. I am looking forward to exploring some more great products from this company.

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