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tea desire strawberry and guava romance white tea

January 7, 2010

I am excited to try another white tea. I have been really enjoying the white teas I have been sampling lately. This blend contains Pai Mu Tan white tea, guava bits, lemongrass, strawberry bits, and both sunflower and rose blossoms. It smells very clean and fruity, lightly floral, and oddly, I don’t detect the lemongrass in the nose. I can clearly smell the strawberry and the light aroma of the dried white tea.

I brewed this one properly this time, taking care to steep the leaves with water at the correct temperature. The appearance of the liquid, post-steep, is a  pale yellow-gold. I inhale the aroma of my cup and immediately the scent of strawberry wafts up my nose. I don’t detect the guava right away, then it hits me, with that juicy, tropical fragrance. The scent is candy-like, maybe even liqueur-esque. It leaves me thirsty.

So I take a sip. The delicate flavor of the white tea comes through right away. The fruity flavors come out nicely in the finish. And finally the lemongrass shows up. It adds a nice balance to the tea, a little lemony kick, and plays up the guava flavor very nicely. The floral aspect is a nice little aside, it doesn’t dominate, but subtly aids the more prominent flavors. There is a tropical feel to this tea, and it is delicious hot. But I think it would make an amazing iced tea as well. There is a little natural sweetness, and even sweetener junkies might not feel the need to add sugar to this brew. I have to say it’s not nearly as sweet as it smelled like it would be. There is no bitterness, which I think I can attribute to the fact that I didn’t over-steep the tea this time.

I think this is a fantastic white tea. The light, sometimes passive flavor profile of the white tea is not overpowered by the added fruit, or the lemongrass, which can easily dominate if too much is added. I can easily state that I am a fan of this tea. And I will be drinking it all. Maybe tonight.

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