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tea desire apricot blossom white tea

January 3, 2010

I am quite new to white tea. So I decided to research it a little bit before I did this tasting. I actually learned a lot. White tea, of course, comes from the plant Camellia sinensis, as all tea does. The main difference from black tea is that the leaves are processed in a way that minimizes oxidation. According to Wikipedia, there was a Pace University study that found that white tea has “more anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties than green tea”.

So tonight I brewed a couple cups of Apricot Blossom white tea, which I purchased at Tea Desire. It is a blend of white tea and sunflower blossoms, so I am not sure where the “apricot” comes in, maybe there is apricot flavor added, but it does smell very sweet and reminiscent of apricot.

So I steep the leaves for the recommended amount of time and give it a sip. There is a hint of natural sweetness coming through in the flavor, and a bit of floral character. The tea is delicate and refined, with a little tannin, but nothing serious. It really is a revelation compared to many of the lower quality teas I had experienced in the past. I think I may have steeped the leaves at a little higher of a temperature than I should have, as there is a little bitterness in the finish. I learned my lesson, and I will be more thoughtful of the temperature next time!

I really enjoyed this tea, and luckily, I bought quite a large quantity of it, so I will be enjoying it for a while.

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