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tea desire chocolate almond rooibos

January 2, 2010

It’s New Year’s Day, and after I got home from work (I work at a restaurant as a server), I brewed some chocolate almond rooibos that I bought at a tea shop called Tea Desire near my apartment. It is a blend of rooibos, almond pieces, and chocolate. Just the aroma that floated up to me from the package was inviting. Sweet, nutty, and earthy.

I brewed the rooibos a little stronger than the directions suggested, not sure if this is a no-no in the tea world, but I find, in my (very) limited experience, that I like it better that way. I let it steep for a few minutes, then poured a cup. I loved it. First, I tried it as is, nothing added. There was a hint of natural sweetness, a pleasant woodsy flavor, and of course, the almond and chocolate in the finish.  Then I tried it with a little honey, and it was fantastic. Next, I added some milk, and it was rich and satisfying.

I really enjoyed this tea. It was like a guilty pleasure without the guilt. And it has more antioxidants than green tea. 5 times more according to red espresso. Something healthy that is so good? That’s something I can get used to.

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