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2010 goals

January 1, 2010

I was reading Kevin Rose’s blog today. He had a list of new year’s resolutions that really inspired me. I usually think of a new year’s resolution as one thing that you feel you really should do, like eat better or exercise more. But Rose had a whole, comprehensive list of things he plans to do in the new year. They read more like goals than resolutions. I just don’t like the connotation of the word “resolution” as it relates to the beginning of the new year. There seems to be some kind of heavy weight around it, like failure is nearly unavoidable. So, instead of resolutions, I am writing a list of goals for 2010.

-move in with racheal and make a home
-fall in love all over again
-make more money
-save money
-write and be published
-be happy
-start a business
-write a cookbook
-get enough sleep
-visit my family on the east coast at least 3 times this year
-build my credit and pay down student loans
-get a good car
-continue my sommelier diploma
-get a hobby
-blog everyday
-write everyday
-try a video podcast
-learn more about tea
-go on a real vacation for once

and…of course…

-eat better and exercise more

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  1. January 7, 2010 2:26 pm

    Maybe the one problem with resolutions is that people tend to pick things that are a bit of a holy grail, without specifying how they’re going to bring them into being. For example, I know a lot of people who say they want to lose weight. But weight is just an outward symptom/manifestation of a whole complex of interacting factors, which can be hard to understand. So…people tend to fail on that one.

    This year I made my resolution to have a more positive attitude. I know it sounds cliche. But, I also resolved a concrete way of bringing this resolution into being. I decided at the end of the day to think about AT LEAST 5 things (in detail) that I am happy/grateful for. I also have decided that if I catch myself feeling uncomfortable / uneasy in a situation involving people, I’m going to reflect on it and if I don’t resolve it through just reflection, I am going to privately write/journal about it. In particular, if I catch myself judging others or complaining to my friends or family (about anything) I am going to work through that mental block to get out of that negative place and into a more empowering way of looking at things.

    So far it’s been helping immensely.

    Good luck with yours! I may be able to help with one of yours–“Learn more about tea.” I’ve been working for several months now on, and in addition to a database of teas, tea companies, and tea-producing regions, I’ve been writing more and more detailed pages on individual styles/varieties of tea, including, in some cases, discussion of health effects, human rights issues, and issues pertaining to sustainability. Hopefully that can be useful to you in achieving that goal of yours!

    Good luck with all your goals!

    • cortneywagner permalink*
      January 7, 2010 8:03 pm

      Thanks Alex. I will be sure to add a link to on my site. Your site looks great. I am sure a rookie like me can learn a lot from it!

  2. January 7, 2010 8:31 pm

    Thank you!

    I’m not that much of a qualified tea aficionado…most of what I know I learned in the process of researching things for my website! It has grown from a side project to a main focus in my life!

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